Jon B. ‎– Pretty Girl (VLS) (1995)

A1 - Pretty Girl (Chill Mix Extended Version)
A2 - Pretty Girl (Album Version)
B1 - Pretty Girl (Acappella)
B2 - Pretty Girl (Chill Mix Instrumental)
B3 - Someone To Love (Insatiable Remix Extended Version)   


Evon Geffries & The Stand ‎– Chapters: A Novel By Evon Geffries & The Stand (LP) (1988)


A1 - Simply Love
A2 - If Not For You
A3 - Why Does It Hurt When We Kiss?
A4 - Stand And Deliver
B1 - Nobody's Fool
B2 - Who's Sorry Now?
B3 - Sax With A Stranger
B4 - Sex W/O Love
B5 - Interlude
B6 - Witness      

Troop & Levert (Feat. Queen Latifah) ‎– For The Love Of Money / Living For The City (Medley) (Promo CDS) (1991)

01 - For The Love Of Money / Living For The City (Medley) (Downtown Mix)
02 - For The Love Of Money / Living For The City (Medley) (Uptown Mix)
03 - For The Love Of Money / Living For The City (Medley) (Extended 12" Mix) 


Freddie Jackson ‎– Was It Something (VLS) (1994)

A1 - Was It Something (E-Smoove's Raw Mix)
A2 - Was It Something (E-Smoove's Sleazy House Mix)
A3 - Was It Something (Boss' Phat Extended Mix)
B1 - Was It Something (Something I Said Mix)
B2 - Was It Something (Main Mix)   

Ray Parker, Jr. ‎– Girl I Saw You (Promo VLS) (1991)

A1 - Girl I Saw You (Extended Vocal Version)
A2 - Girl I Saw You (Radio Edit With Rap)
B1 - Girl I Saw You (Single Version Without Rap)
B2 - Girl I Saw You (Instrumental)  
B3 - Girl I Saw You (Dub)


Grady Harrell ‎– Sticks And Stones (VLS) (1989)

A1 - Sticks And Stones (Single Edit)
A2 -
Sticks And Stones (Extended Dance Mix)
B1 - Sticks And Stones (Def Boy X Posse Version)
B2 - Sticks, Stones, Bonus Beats And Scratches Whew 

Sybil ‎– Don't Make Me Over (Promo VLS) (1989)

A1 - Don't Make Me Over (UK Soul Mix)
A2 - Don't Make Me Over (Radio)
B1 - Don't Make Me Over (The King-dom Come Mix)
B2 - Don't Make Me Over (Instrumental)  

Janet Jackson ‎– You Want This (VLS) (1994)

A1 - You Want This (Mafia & Fluxy Club Mix)
A2 - You Want This (Mafia & Fluxy Dancehall Mix)
A3 - You Want This (Spoiled Milk. Remix)
B1 - You Want This (Remix)
B2 - New Agenda
B3 - 70's Love Groove (Bonus Track! - Previously Unreleased)


Teen Dream ‎– Games / When You Find Love (VLS) (1990)

A1 - Games (Vocal)
A2 - Games (Background Vocals)
A3 - Games (Instrumental)
B1 - When You Find Love (Vocal)
B2 - When You Find Love (Instrumental)   


Janet Jackson ‎– You Want This (CDM) (1994)

01 - You Want This (Remix)
02 - You Want This (LP Edit)
03 - You Want This (Mafia & Fluxy Dancehall Mix)
04 - You Want This (Spoiled Milk. Remix)
05 - New Agenda
06 - 70's Love Groove    


Sharon Bryant ‎– Let Go (VLS) (1989)

A1 - Let Go (This Mix)
A2 - Let Go (That Mix)
B1 - Let Go (The Royal Cut Mix)  
B2 - Let Go (Beats)
B3 - Let Go (Radio Edit)  


Chris Bender ‎– I Knew (VLS) (1991)

A1 - I Knew (Extended Remix)
A2 - I Knew (Instrumental Dub)
B1 - I Knew (Radio Version)
B2 - I Knew (Accapella Dub)  


Bobby Brown (Duet With Whitney Houston) ‎– Something In Common (CDM) (1993)

01 - Something In Common (Radio Edit)
02 - Something In Common (Extended Vocal Version)
03 - Something In Common (Quiet Storm Version) 

Bobby Brown ‎– Humpin' Around (CDM) (1992)

01 - Humpin' Around (Rap Version)
02 - Humpin' Around (Album Version)
03 - Humpin' Around (Humpstrumental)
04 - Humpin' Around (Without Rap)  

Somethin' For The People ‎– You Want This Party Started (Promo VLS) (1995)

A1 - You Want This Party Started (Easy Mo Bee Remix) (Clean Radio)
A2 - You Want This Party Started (Somethin' For The People Remix) (Clean)
A3 - You Want This Party Started (Somethin' For The People Remix) (w/o Rap)
B1 - You Want This Party Started (Easy Mo Bee Remix) (Instrumental)
B2 - You Want This Party Started (Easy Mo Bee Remix) (Acapella)    
B3 - You Want This Party Started (Radio Edit)